Thuraya Aero is a satellite communication service that enables in-flight connectivity like internet access, voice- calls, text messaging, high-speed data applications such as video and audio conferencing, access to e-mail, instant information such as e-commerce, large file transfer (e.g. surveillance videos), Voice over IP and many more.

The Thuraya Aeronautical Satellite System consists of:
• a Satellite Data Unit
• a High Power / Low Noise Amplifier
• a High Gain Antenna System

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Satellite Data Unit

The Satellite Data Unit (TH-SDU-XX) will come in a first version as a “flange mount” component. For small ISR fixed wing platforms and all rotary platforms the flange mount SDU perfectly meets the requirements and qualification specifications for this type of aircraft. As a second version a standard SDU in ARINC 600 format (2 MCU) will be available for aircraft installation with existing avionics equipment installations.

High Power / Low Noise Amplifier

The High Power / Low Noise Amplifier (TH-HLD) is interconnecting the SDU with the Thuraya Aero antenna system and is packaged into a single, compact component. For the transmit direction the HLD operates as a High Power Ampli er in order to provide the necessary EIRP to the Thuraya satellite. In receive direction the HLD operates as a very sensitive Low Noise Amplifier in order to amplify the receive signal from the high gain antenna. It forms part of a broadband single channel system and reduces overall box-count, system weight and complexity. The system supports applications such as VPN, e-mail, phone calls and internet browsing.

High Gain Antenna System

The High Gain Antenna system will be based on a dual helix coil system with mechanical antenna steering and no need for a metal aircraft fuselage for a proper antenna pattern. The HGA will come in two mechanical variations, one for fixed wing aircraft with a soft dust cover (TH-HGA-6000) and one for rotary aircraft with a hardened radome (TH-HGA-6500). Alternatively, to the mechanical steered HGA a high gain phased array antenna system (TH-HGA-7XXX) will be available. The phased array antenna has to be defined later in the system development.

Advantages compared to existing systems

  • lowest cost of ownership
  • significant operational cost savings
  • worldwide first modem available with built in video transmission capability
  • easy conversion of existing L-band system
  • negligible reinstallation costs
  • calculable airtime costs
  • only license purchase necessary to convert single channel into dual channel system
  • only license purchase necessary to allow
  • real time HD video transmission
  • weather independent
  • no congestion problems
  • easy antenna pointing
  • stable and reliable network

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