Go Beyond Quality with Custom Engineering

SRT Wireless (SRTW) considers the whole product lifecycle when approaching its design.

Our unique blend of engineering expertise, manufacturing capability and product lifecycle vision affords clients a single point of contact to ease the burden of bringing new products to market.

This one-stop-shop approach also alleviates the delays and cost overruns that plague many development projects with multiple vendors. The savings are passed on to our customers in the form of tighter schedules and improved time to market.

SRTW thus executes custom designs and fields complex systems much faster than the competition.

To effectively meet and exceed our clients’ demands, SRTW also offers:

  • Product training – custom designed to better meet the changing demands of our markets and to derive the most value from investments in new capabilities; and
  • Field support – to better serve our clients with complex products and systems integrations.

Contact SRTW today to discuss your ideas and let us assist you in bringing your vision to market.