Our Team

SRT Wireless, the commercial and law-enforcement division of The SRT Group, enables global enterprises and
law enforcement agencies at all levels to be more connected and efficient through powerful, affordable communications tools.

John “JR” Russell, Chief Operating Officer

John “JR” Russell is a senior manager with extensive experience in sales, promotion, marketing, product conceptualization and business development. As a pioneer in the marketing of wireless location-specific safety and security systems for consumer, commercial and public safety applications, JR has initiated and managed successful business relationships with some of the largest global brands. He has been a key contributor to start-up companies in numerous areas including the initiation of sales and marketing teams, execution of national marketing and sales campaigns, the creation and implementation of training programs, development of telemarketing programs, and the staffing of sales and promotional projects. At SRT Wireless, JR manages all aspects of SRT Group’s commercial and law enforcement business units. JR is a member of SRT Group’s board of directors.

Conrad Smith, Chief Technology Officer

Conrad Smith joined SR Technologies, a forerunner of SRT Group, in 2004 and is responsible for developing and executing the group’s technology roadmap and strategy. Conrad works closely with customers, technology partners and the engineering divisions to ensure designs meet or exceed customer expectations and satisfy market requirements. His career has included executive management and senior engineering roles in the United Kingdom and United States for defense contractors, Silicon Valley start-ups and private commercial businesses. His career includes extensive experience in the development of proprietary software defined radios, Wi-Fi chipset development and implementations, satellite communications, cognitive “smart services” solutions, GPS-based products, telematics, and cellular and digital video executions. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering with Honors in Electronic Engineering from the University of Hertfordshire in England.