Our Values

At SRT Wireless, we understand that today’s government and commercial customers have a choice of suppliers.  Our 100 percent U.S. company delivers bleeding-edge satellite and Wi-Fi technologies that offer the best features and benefits at the lowest cost.

But in this competitive environment, our advantage goes beyond our technical expertise and is reinforced by our values, which are woven into every aspect of our business. These include:

  • Going beyond: We are here to serve you. We go beyond to provide solutions that meet and exceed our customers’ needs and expectations. Our reputation and growth were built on our 16-year history of “excellent” ratings from our customers.
  • Flexible:Our small size allows us to pivot and react to changing needs far more quickly than our larger competitors, which has enabled us to win – and deliver on – contracts against giants in our industry.
  • Independent: SRT remains privately owned and independently funded. We answer neither to shareholders nor outside investors, but have grown organically from day one. This affords us a freedom to innovate, and control our destiny so we remain at the forefront of the communications landscape.


  • Innovative: Our commitment to investing in innovation has enabled the evolution of our thinking and our products. We don’t compete in established categories; we compete in new categories and help set the future standard. With new, bleeding-edge technology baked into every product and service we provide, SRT is leading the evolution in global satcoms.
  • Grit: At the end of the day, there’s no substitute for hard work. Other companies may say they “work hard and play hard” – at SRT we say, “no one works harder, or plays harder.”
  • Family-oriented: SRT is proud of its family atmosphere. We attribute our low staff turnover not only to our interesting work and profit-sharing plan, but also to the communal, family dynamic that pervades our culture. Our world-class engineers are recruited from the world’s leading technology companies. They choose SRT for the interesting work, but stay for the supportive family environment.