Technical Support

Meet Chris, from SRT Wireless’ Technical Support Services staff.

Like all of our technical support technicians, Chris’ goal is to help each customer achieve their mission success.

Chris is highly experienced in MSS satellite and Wi-Fi 802.11 products and services including:

  • signal collection
  • backhaul operations
  • training

SRT’s support staff includes experts in quality assurance, RF technologies, aviation and marine environment testing, and field operations.


Our different units work together to test our products repeatedly – at every stage of the product-development lifecycle — in rigorous, realistic scenarios based on the customer’s requirements.

Testing platforms include a large van equipped with secure communications, versatile antenna configurations and ample space for equipment, and fixed or rotary-wing aircraft.

Feedback is then provided to the design and engineering teams to help refine our products’ capabilities prior to distribution.

Develop With Us

At SRT Wireless, independent developers are invited to work with us to create innovative new products and services on our cutting-edge technology platforms.

Our process to engage with developers is simple and affordable.  We provide a proven, flexible software defined radio (SDR) hardware platform with complete instructions and engineering technical support.  This allows developers to minimize the time and expense of adding custom features and bring new products and services to the market in months, not years.

See a presentation about how to engage with SRT Wireless in co-development of new products and services.

To begin the process of joining our TSSA program, contact John “JR” Russell at