SRT Wireless TurboJet ASIC for the Thuraya Network
Afterburner is 60% smaller and uses 50% less power than VIPturbo
Why you need it

  • Low cost connectivity with a smaller, lighter modem
  • Onboard processor utilized for customer-embedded applications
  • Separate RF Headend Unit for antenna integration featuring single Coax for power, RF, and Control
  • Separate Connector interface card for terminal vendor proprietary interface designs
  • Cost-effective Engineering Support Service packages available

Compact & Lightweight

Compact size – the smallest ASIC- based power modem designed exclusively for the Thuraya network. 

Lightweight – with fewer components, Afterburner is 38% lighter than VIPturbo.

Low power requirements – compact design allows for more efficient energy usage. Uses 50% less power than VIPturbo.

Low cost connectivity – Afterburner is the most cost- effective ASIC-based modem for connectivity across the Thuraya network.

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SRTW's ASIC with a "Host Interface Board"

Developing on Afterburner

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Key Features

Start from scratch or build on a proven platform

The Choice is yours.

Building on our Afterburner SDR platform leverages a mature design and offers a head start on your solution development, allowing you more time to focus on your customer. 

From product conception through the complete lifecycle, SRT Wireless creates value for our customers every day.

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